8 comments on “Why Believe in God?

  1. Aquinas deduced his claimed ‘proofs’ from Aristotle’s ‘Unmoved Mover’. They don’t really make much sense when looked at with modern knowledge, the last proof is really just the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which has no religious connotations I know of. Also when you say things like :’Finally, we know that God is personal’, what do you mean? I have no ‘personal’ experience with god so he isn’t personal with me.

    It seems to me that you believe god gave us free will to test us. If we use it, we go to hell, if we don’t we go to heaven. That doesn’t sound like free will to me. Unless you also include the idea that the existence of god is unprovable, thus our free will choices (and whether we have a pleasant afterlife or not) are based soley on the quality of our biblical teaching, condemning billions of people to hell for the sin of having poor parents.

    ‘God is of infinite perfection, beatitude, and justice’ – it doesn;t look that way to me.

    • Thanks Rowan for your comment. First of all, you chose not to have that personal experience with God and that is your free will which is why you do not feel any personal experience with him. 2nd Free will isn’t an evil deed as you pointed out, it is your choice of either taking a direction you wish your life to be, and to follow or not to follow is your choice, God isn’t dictating that on you. It is as common sense as you deciding if you wish to beat the red light or you slow down. Depending on your choice, you have a hint what may be the consequence and it either be right or wrong. You know that even with your own small personal decisions, you experience what is wrong and what is right. You may decide to climb a steep mountain and know the possibility of falling, but it has always been your decision.

      And I can say that God can be proved without us even noticing it. The order of things in the universe and the possibility of us having a rational discussion is the very evidence of His existence. Whatever science is trying to explain about the existence and relationship of everything around from the simplest forms up to the complex is something that proves the existence of something or someone greater than all of us.

      Every choice has a corresponding consequence. By the way, having poor parents as you have specified is not the yard stick of condemning someone to hell.

      Anyway, I do respect your opinion regarding this and let it remain. Test it as well as I always do mine.

      Anyway, for me,I see that it is better to believe and find that my belief of God may not exist when I die than to never believe at all and find out that God does exist.

      • I have never ‘chosen’ not to have a personal experience with god, I do not believe in god because nothing in my life has made me even consider his existence, you may blame me for not believing but I see not why I am to be blamed for not having the experiences that you clearly have. I am not able to exercise free will over this matter any more than you can over the gods of classical Greece. Thus if god were to exist, I would be judged based on the experiences I have had and not over any conscious choices I have made.

      • Rowan, I highly respect the belief you have, thus, it is your freewill to justify and defend the position you are in as it is with mine.

        If I were to explain my side about experiences being judged and not over any conscious choices you made, this is what I can say…

        Choices and acting on it to be experienced always lead into either a reward in anyway, from personal to external, or it may lead to failure, but that depends on the choice being made.

        I personally need a guidance to direct my ways according to what moral values my spiritual inclination advices me to do. I cannot have the same experience of guidance if I decide not to walk in a spiritual path under the shadow of Atheism due to the reason that I can dictate upon myself what I believe to be good or bad. What is bad for others may be good for me, or what is bad for me may be good for others in that sense, such non-guidance is due to the reason that I do not have a faith that may guide me to be what I believe I should be. If I give an example, society may have dictated that murder is a violent act, but people like Hitler who says he is a Christian but curses God believes that the murder of millions of Jews is rightful and just, and not a single religious belief was his basis but his own personal point of view. This is because he chose himself to be the yardstick of his own self-declared “morality”.

        The choice to either believe and enjoy the benefits of being guided by a set of moral standards or not to believe and set your own personal standards is something that everybody has to make. If the only fear as to why Atheists do not wish to follow a religion is due to the existence of hell as always used to defend their cause, then it means they are afraid to be bounded with a measuring stick that may tell them what is right or wrong. Besides, the USA’s laws was founded and based upon the very beliefs of a certain Faith since the very beginning, the same beliefs that modern day Atheists see to be “discriminating” yet they use the same dollar bill that says, “In God We Trust”.

        I shall completely respect your belief, but I just wish to share why I believe my choices needs to be guided by someone I believe to be much more supreme than I do.

        Thank you for your insights.

  2. Just curious. What’s free about the choice to believe in something or be punished for eternity? (By the way, though I disagree with your conclusions and with Aquinas in general, I found your post very well written and very thought out. I hope my question isn’t offensive, but I just happened upon this post and I here this “free will” defense quite often.)

    • Hi aka “sight66”. Free will is always having a choice and expect the consequence for it. Its like deciding which road to take to be able to reach your destination. If you have chosen a wrong path, definitely it will lead you somewhere but your destination, but if you were able to have the wise decision of which paths to take, you’ll definitely reach where you wish to go. It is just a matter of understanding that every choice we make does have corresponding reactions along the way, some we don’t like, and some we do. We experience that in our daily life. Therefore, your choice does create an impact in your life and you know that some choices will give you opportunities, while others will become your failure. This is why we often hear people giving us some advise to “Make the right choice”.

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