4 comments on “Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines

  1. Just wanted to clarify, the abortion is legal on the US on a federal level. Many states still have laws against abortion, but because the US supreme Court decided those laws were unconstitutional, the states only have the authority to regulate abortion. This is why there is so much focus on getting the Supreme court to reconsider it or adding a human life amendment. When the supreme court did hear a another case, they actually loosened the restrictions on abortion. Since then they have refused to hear cases on the issue. Politicians claim to be pro life, but supporting the human life amendment is political suicide.

    Its really sad that abortion and contraceptives get lumped in with improving the quality of prenatal care, etc. I think the best bet of opposing these things if if political leaders bring up an alternative that focuses on the good parts while omitting the negative parts. Its very easy for people to accept evil for the sake of pursuing true goods that society needs especially when it involves life saving measures. Otherwise the pro choice side just says you’re so obsessed with controlling other people’s more decision making that you’d prefer they have low quality prenatal care , etc than trust them with these decisions.

    • Honestly Catholic. Thank you for shedding light regarding that concern. Still, Pro-life groups in the US have been pushing hard against abortion and I do pray that they will succeed. God bless you!

  2. Today’s woman is apparently known for its presence either in the house or at its office workplace promising its influence at both the places. As such it is very important that women health or say women reproductive health is of prime consideration due to rising female death rate due to unwanted pregnancies and other sexually transmitted diseases.Women health reproductive is primarily concerned with health activities like contraception, fertility, infertility and other sexually transmitted diseases. Here contraception by way of pills, condoms, diaphragm, intrauterine, vasectomy is important way to avoid unintended pregnancies and other hormonal diseases.”

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    • Thank you for your comment. Please understand that I can never ever negotiate against the fact that the Catholic Church have stood for the same moral truths since Christ established His Church. The Church is not against the fact that women’s health must be given value, but it should not come to a point of sacrificing the possibility of life within her.

      Catholic teaching tells us that God has already thought of life in women whom He has chosen willfully. Are we to prevent that by our own will? Are there no other remedies of protecting women’s life by preventing life from forming? Is our will above God’s will now?

      I understand the concern the effort made to protect our women and I will tell you that the Catholic Church 100 percent in support of that. However, the Catholic Church is also 100 percent in support of the life that could have formed in the sacred womb of women. Sex is not made only for pleasure, but sex is supposed to be a sacred gesture blessed by God between a woman and a man. But with women who were violated apart from love, God has plans and still somehow sparks life and it is beyond human comprehension why He does so. But we are not equal to God to understand what we can’t ever fully understand. Everything God does has a valid and wonderful reason. Only man thinks that some of the things He does is not valid at all.

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