About Catholic Shield Apologetics Movement

Catholic Shield Apologetics Movement have two objectives: To share to fellow-Catholics the splendor of their Catholic Faith and to share and defend the Catholic Faith from any Non-Catholic faith that tends to conclude a misrepresented understanding about the Catholic Faith.

The Catholic Faith is the one and only original Christian faith that dates back to the time of Pentecost. No other Christian denomination that exists today can ever trace their belief from the historical Christian Church and by this, it is but wise to understand what this Church really believes and holds on to before one concludes that it is not the Church that Christ founded.

Catholic Shield Apologetics Movement is a small group of laity in Baguio City, Philippines who were challenged to finally act and help the Church share her splendor of truth in a different way. This way is called apologetics.

Apologetics comes from the word “apologia” meaning “to defend”. We have seen the need to explain the faith in a way that will connect very much with what most Christians and non-Christians alike have often misunderstood about Catholicism. Questions like why Catholics have statues, why we call Mary our Mother, why Catholics do not believe that the bible is enough, or why the Catholic Church baptizes infants are to be explained in layman’s understanding.

In the same way, such topics and many more shall be shared in this blog as well.

Feel free to check the recent posts or click the menu above.

May God help us be enlightened with the fullness of His Truth!


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